Dangerous Boobs Tour

Coming to a city near you!

The Dangerous Boobs Tour™ is the “presentation” source of the Each One. Tell One.™ organization for breast density information and education.

The Purpose

  • 45% of women have Dense-Breast Tissue
  • 50% of all cancer in women with Dense Breast Tissue is missed by mammography
  • 70% of all breast cancer occurs in women with Dense Breast Tissue
  • 85% of women don’t know what type of tissue they have

The Players

  • Our lives have been shaped by cancer
  • We have been permanently scarred by the disease
  • Our voices are now speaking out, each one, telling another, to prevent women from sharing their stories

That's how I describe the Dangerous Boobs Tour™. We’re here and we’re on a mission to save lives!

The Tour

Dense Breast Tissue has touched our lives in powerful ways. And now it’s brought us together. We travel the country educating people about the risk of Dense Breast Tissue and the need for an additional exam beyond mammography.

Each One Tell One is a grassroots movement of women educating women.

We now invite you to hear our stories told from our own unique perspective.

To, Meet the members of theThe Dangerous Boobs Tour™… Heather Reimer | Wendy Damonte

If you would like to schedule The Dangerous Boobs Tour™ for a presentation, please contact us!

If each person tells just one other person, our Dense Breast Tissue message will spread across the country and in the process, lives will be saved. If you do have cancer, knowing your breast density and knowing how to care for it, will help your doctor find it small when it is easiest to treat.

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