Density Facts

Why You Need To Know Your Breast Density

Breast tissue “density” is discovered through images created by mammography, not by touch, shape or size of breast

Mammography uses radiation to see through breast tissue

Images created by this radiation determine a woman’s breast density

BI-RADS Density Scoring

Breast Imaging Rating & Data System

Images, courtesy of Daniel E. Herron, MD

Take a closer look at the difference between Fatty Tissue and Dense Tissue

Studies Show

Women with Dense Breast Tissue and for women with implants, an additional exam such as an Ultrasound or MRI can find MORE and SMALLER cancers than can be detected by mammography alone. Read The Report

Women with Dense Breast Tissue

And, women with implants need both a mammogram and an additional exam, such as an Ultrasound or MRI, to see what mammography may have missed. Read The Report

Take responsibility for your own breast health!

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